Work with Government

BNWLA plays a very interactive and cooperative role between Government and other national and international development agencies to move forward on all international instruments for promoting women and children human rights.

BNWLA has contribution in formulation of National Women Advancement Policy 2011, implementation of CEDAW and National Plan of Action on Combating Trafficking in Women and Children in Bangladesh 2011. Apart from that on the basis of Millennium Development Goal [MDG], the Government had special attention for advancement of women and children in Poverty Reduction Strategic Paper [PRSP-I & II].

Global Networking

At regional and international level, BNWLA usually involves itself in drafting different alternative reports such as UNCRC optional protocol of sale of children, child prostitution, pornography and CEDAW.
BNWLA is also playing the key role in execution of SAARC Convention on Preventing and Combating Trafficking in Women and Children for Prostitution 2002 and the formulation of bi-lateral agreement on combating human trafficking between Bangladesh and India.

Partners of BNWLA

1. Ministry of Home Affairs [for activating government’s anti-trafficking committees country wide, support to Victim Support Center and closely related in community based child protection mechanism of Local Government ]
2. CID under Bangladesh Police [Conducting joint investigation for sensitive women and child rights cases]

BNWLA: Member of Different Committee of GO:

Members of different committees: In combating violence against women and children, to eradicate all forms of discrimination and to establish women and child rights BNWLA as active members of the following committees plays a significant role.
1. Government’s NGO Coordination Committee on Counter Human Trafficking under the Ministry of Home Affairs
2. Member of MoWCA for implementation of NPA on Prevention of Child Marriage.
3. Taskforce on implementing Prevention and suppression of Human Trafficking Act, 2012 under the Ministry of Home Affairs
4. Task force members in implementation of RRRI Process under the Ministry of Home Affairs
5. National Legal Aid Committee under the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs
6. National Acid Crime Control and Prevention Committee under the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs and Ministry of Law and Parliamentary Affairs
7. National Aids Committee under the Ministry of Health
8. National Child Labor Committee under the Ministry of Labor and Employment
9. Police Head Quarter Monitoring Cell
BNWLA active member of Anti Sexual Harassment Committee in Public, Private and Corporate Sector:
1. Department of Social Services
2. Department of Women and Children Affairs
3. Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs
4. Tourist Police
5. East West University
6. Uttara University
7. Grameen Phone

BNWLA active member of different Civil Society Movement

Citizen Initiatives against Domestic Violence (CIDV)
Citizen Initiatives Committee (CIC )
Engaging Man and Boys Network (EMBN)
Bangladesh Shishu Adhiker Forum (BSAF )
National Girls Child Advocacy Forum (NGCF)