Re-usable Face Mask as per WHO design, guideline & quality

Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers’ Association (BNWLA), Assistance to Vulnerable Migrants and Counter Trafficking (AVMCT) Project is going to procure following Goods/ Materials from potential vendor/supplier/garment/ institution/authorize dealers as mentioned specification and condition in your letter head pad with seal envelop at the below address.

Name of Materials Quantity required Unit Price Total Amount (Tk.)
Infection prevention materials:

Re-usable Face Mask as per WHO design, guideline & quality.

Specifications: –

WHO Recommended 3 Layer Fabric:-

–  Inner layer – Cotton (woven, knit)

– Middle layer – Cotton polyester blend / polypropylene (nonwoven)

– Outer layer – Synthetic (polyester knit) / polypropylene

WHO Recommended Inner layer Color Light / White.

Washable with soap / detergent (at least 50 times)

Sample Mask Approved by:-

– DGDA under Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, or

– Other Relevant Organization of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Lab tested report for sample Mask contents.


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Tender submit to Procurement Committee, Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers’ Association, Monico Mina Tower, 48/3, West Agargaon, Dhaka-1207 by post/currier/direct drop into tender box.
  2. Last date for dropping Tender on 20 February 2022 within 3.00 PM, open tender 20 February 2022, 3.30 PM.
  3. Vendor (s) must submit Tender Schedule with detail specifications (company, size, color, materials quality etc.) as per specific format through organizational letter head pad & sign with seal envelope.
  4. Vendor/supplier would submit sample of goods/materials with tender.
  5. Interested suppliers/vendors/garments/authorize dealers should submit scan copy/photocopy of NID, Trade license, BIN, updated return submission certificate, VAT registration certificate and Bank information.
  6. VAT & Tax would be deducted from total invoice.
  7. Bit validity up to December 2022.
  8. Payment will be made through A/C Chaque/DD/TT/BFTN in fever of your organization/ vendors /suppliers after satisfactory delivery on all the goods as per specification.
  9. BNWLA will not be liable for any damage and accident during carrying of goods.
  10. Authority reserves the right to accept or cancel fully/ partly all the tender without assigning any reason.
  11. Quality and quantity will be revised as per project requirement.
  12. Place of Tender Submission: Bangladesh National women Lawyers Association, Monico Mina Tower, 48/3, West Agargaon, Dhaka-1207.
  13. Date of Supply as per below table:
1st Lot 2nd Lot 3rd Lot 4rd Lot
15000 Pcs, 03.03.2022 11570 Pcs, 28.04.2022 11570Pcs, 30.06.2022 11570 Pcs 28.09.2022
  1. 14. Place of Supply: Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers’ Association – BNWLA office at Ali Noor Tower, 3rd Floor, Holding#813, Kazi Nazrul Islam Road, Tekpara, Cox’s Bazar.

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