Assistance for Vulnerable Migrants and Counter Trafficking

Project Name

Assistance for Vulnerable Migrants and Counter Trafficking

3 months (1st April to 30th June, 2019)


International Organization for Migration (IOM)


Teknaf sub-district: Camp- 22, 23, 24


18,485 direct beneficiaries.


Number of male, female, children and girl depends on the presence of participants in different events and identification of victim of trafficking.

Aim and objective

Aim and objectives:

Increased the knowledge and services for refugee and host community on human trafficking through awareness, capacity building, case management.

The expected impacts are:

Survivors of human trafficking are protected. Law reinforcement agencies are pro-active to stop human trafficking whereas CTC and community leaders are very active to resist human trafficking. Legal assistance of trafficked persons both Rohingya and Bangladeshi are assured by the police station and court .

Activity :

  1. Training on Comic Strips for Frontlines
  2.  Conduct courtyard meeting with the women support group, PDC and host community leaders in camps
  3.  Conduct Awareness raising session on Comic strips in the camps and host communities
  4.  Conduct Awareness raising session through street drama in the camp and host community areas
  5.  Conduct awareness raising session through public discussion in schools and university (debate)
  6.  Activate/functional Counter Trafficking Committee (CTC) in Cox’s Bazar to provide victim assistance
  7.  Meeting to share Referral Pathway to all stakeholders for government, NGOs, UN, Majhi, CIC etc.
  8. Direct Assistance fund for Victim of Trafficking (psychological support, medical, basic needs, hygiene kits, food, clothing, emergency fund, legal counselling/support, education, vocational training, reintegration as needed)
  9. Conduct Case management training for the partner staff
  10. Conduct Training on victim identification, referral pathway and direct assistance to local and international counterparts-105 participants
  11. Orientation on SoP and Referral Pathway for direct assistance in coordination with local and international counterparts
  12.  Induction to project staff on project implementation

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